LEGIDATECH Indoor P3.91 LED Display supported the event for CCPPR Delegation's Nigeria visit Aug 08, 2019

On the evening of Aug. 6th 2019, the delegation of the China Association for the Promotion of the CCP arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, started their 2 days visit.

On the afternoon of Aug. 7th 2019, they had a meeting with the overseas Chinese community in Lagos, Nigeria, and visit the representative enterprises of overseas Chinese and the Lagos China Help Center to listen to the advice of the Nigerian overseas Chinese community on the “Opposing Independence and Advance the Unity of China". After the meeting, some representatives sent gift to each other, and watched the performance of the HUAXING ARTS TROUPE NIGERIA.


HUAXING ARTS TROUPE NIGERIA performed Chinese traditional arts and dances, which is really inspiring, especially when they are singing “Today is your birthday (my mother land)” with good Chinese pronounciation .

LEGIDATEC  is honored to participate in this event to provide our LED screen.


INFO: event rental screen P3.91, Model R3, 500x500mm cabinet, size: 6x2.5m


We, LEGIDA Technology co.,LTD (LEGIDATEC), started our business in Nigeria in 2016, and in 2018 we have established our local service center in Lagos city. Up to now, LEGIDATEC has done a lof of projects i.e : Church LED Display,Conference LED Display,Outdoor Advertising LED Display,Indoor Advertising LED Display,Indoor/Outdoor rental LED Display ,Commercial LED Display,Outdoor LED Sign. Actually before 2016, our team have already stepped into the market and making some researches, that is the reason why we could develop quickly. While there is still a long way to go, Nigeria is a country with big potential, we would like to grow up together with Nigeria. At the same time, we will strengthen ability of our factory, improve our service to Nigeria partners and will do good things to the society.


Background information:

CCPPR : In 1988, in order to develop cross-strait relations and break the long-term stalemate between the two sides of the strait, under the initiative of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, relevant parties, groups and non-party representatives from various democratic parties jointly initiated and established the China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association.


This association is a national, non-profit social organization with independent legal status formed by people from all walks of life who are in favor of China's unification.

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