• How to Maintain Your LED Display for Optimal Performance
    How to Maintain Your LED Display for Optimal Performance Apr 02, 2024
    LED displays are ubiquitous in our environment today. They are significantly employed for different purposes, from massive outdoor advertising screens to compact rental displays used in various events. Yet, despite their apparent resilience, like any other technological device, they require a certain level of maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance. This article will offer a comprehensive guide on how to maintain your LED displays. Outdoor LED Display Maintenance Outdoor LED displays are consistently subjected to the weather, dust, and other environmental factors. Here are a few steps to keep them running smoothly: 1. Cleaning: Regularly clean your outdoor LED display to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. Use soft, non-abrasive materials for cleaning to avoid damaging the screen. 2. Protection: Protective measures such as using waterproof or weather-resistant casing can prevent damage from adverse weather conditions. 3. Routine Checks: Regularly check for any sign of damage or malfunctioning parts. Early detection can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. 4. Professional Maintenance: At least once annually, enlist the help of a professional maintenance service for a comprehensive check. This can ensure that any potential issues that might have been missed during routine checks are addressed. Rental LED Display Maintenance Rental LED displays are often transported from place to place, making them susceptible to physical damage. The following pointers will help in maintaining them: 1. Proper Handling: Handle the LED displays with care during transportation to avoid any potential harm. 2. Storage: Store the LED displays in a clean, dry environment when not in use. This extends their lifespan and maintains their functionality. 3. Inspection: Make sure to inspect the display's screen for any signs of damage before and after each use. LED rental display screen daily use knowledge 1. Frequently check the circuits of the stage rental display LED display. If the circuits are found to be aging or gnawed by mice, replace them in time. Do not touch the switch with wet hands to avoid leakage and electric shock accidents.   2. Steps to switch the stage LED display on and off: 2.1 Turn on the computer; first turn on the video source, and then turn on the power of the LED display after the signal is normal. 2.2 Shut down: The opposite is true when shutting down. First turn off the display power, then turn off the signal source. Otherwise, high spots will appear on the screen, which can easily burn out the lamp tube and chip.   3 Pay attention to moisture-proof and dehumidification when renting indoor LED displays. 3.1 You can use air conditioning to dehumidify the indoor stage LED display and place desiccant to keep the screen and environment dry and prevent the display from getting damp. 3.2 Do not place flowers and plants around the st...
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Stage Rental LED Screens for Spectacular Shows
    The Ultimate Guide to Stage Rental LED Screens for Spectacular Shows Apr 02, 2024
    The entertainment world is continually evolving, with technology pushing the boundaries of how experiences are created and consumed. The pivotal role of LED screens in making stage productions magnificent cannot be understated.  From small community theaters to large-scale concert venues, the dynamic nature of stage rental LED screens is reshaping what it means to put on a show.  In this blog, we will explore the multifaceted uses of stage rental LED screens and discuss why they're essential for modern performances. Stage Screens: The Backbone of Visual Brilliance Stage screens, not just a backdrop but a canvas for storytelling, have transformed the visual narrative of productions. Whether it's the immersive backdrop for a Broadway musical or the electrifying visuals at a rock concert, LED screens are the modern paintbrush for stagecraft virtuosos. The advancement in LED technology offers a vibrant color palette and high-definition content that can mesmerize an audience. Why Concert LED Screens Are a Game-Changer For those who've attended a concert recently, you'd know that the concert LED screen is often what makes the show unforgettable. They provide a shared experience for the entire audience, ensuring that even the farthest spectator from the stage is part of the excitement. The pulsating graphics and live-feed capabilities keep the energy high and engagement higher. LED Wall Stage - A New Era of Set Design The LED wall stage has ushered in a new era of set design possibilities. These vast, seamless canvases allow for sweeping scenes and rapid scenic changes that physical sets could never achieve. LED panels for stage use can create anything from a serene, starlit sky to an urban skyscraper vista within seconds. Embracing LED Screen Stage Design Advanced LED screen stage designs enhance storytelling by integrating with the production's overall artistic vision. The versatility of digital scenery provides designers with opportunities to push the limits of their creativity without the constraints of physical set pieces. The Evolution of LCD Stage Displays Although LED screens have become prevalent, LCD displays still find their place on stage, especially in environments that require screens with less light emission. They're perfect for more subdued, intricate visual displays where subtlety is key. LED Screen On Stage: An Interactive Experience An LED screen on stage serves as a dynamic partner to performers, responding to and interacting with the live actions taking place. They give a new dimension to performances, enriching the audience's sensory experience and allowing actors to engage with their environment in real-time, creating a truly interactive experience. For Every Stage: Theatre LED Screen Within the confines of traditional theater, the LED screen is a revolutionary addition, offering a multimedia component that can enhance storytelling without taking away from the narrative's authenticity. Revolutionizing Transparency: Trans...
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  • LEGIDATECH Indoor P3.91 LED Display supported the event for CCPPR Delegation's Nigeria visit
    LEGIDATECH Indoor P3.91 LED Display supported the event for CCPPR Delegation's Nigeria visit Aug 08, 2019
    On the evening of Aug. 6th 2019, the delegation of the China Association for the Promotion of the CCP arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, started their 2 days visit. On the afternoon of Aug. 7th 2019, they had a meeting with the overseas Chinese community in Lagos, Nigeria, and visit the representative enterprises of overseas Chinese and the Lagos China Help Center to listen to the advice of the Nigerian overseas Chinese community on the “Opposing Independence and Advance the Unity of China". After the meeting, some representatives sent gift to each other, and watched the performance of the HUAXING ARTS TROUPE NIGERIA.   HUAXING ARTS TROUPE NIGERIA performed Chinese traditional arts and dances, which is really inspiring, especially when they are singing “Today is your birthday (my mother land)” with good Chinese pronounciation . LEGIDATEC  is honored to participate in this event to provide our LED screen.   INFO: event rental screen P3.91, Model R3, 500x500mm cabinet, size: 6x2.5m   We, LEGIDA Technology co.,LTD (LEGIDATEC), started our business in Nigeria in 2016, and in 2018 we have established our local service center in Lagos city. Up to now, LEGIDATEC has done a lof of projects i.e : Church LED Display,Conference LED Display,Outdoor Advertising LED Display,Indoor Advertising LED Display,Indoor/Outdoor rental LED Display ,Commercial LED Display,Outdoor LED Sign. Actually before 2016, our team have already stepped into the market and making some researches, that is the reason why we could develop quickly. While there is still a long way to go, Nigeria is a country with big potential, we would like to grow up together with Nigeria. At the same time, we will strengthen ability of our factory, improve our service to Nigeria partners and will do good things to the society.   Background information: CCPPR : In 1988, in order to develop cross-strait relations and break the long-term stalemate between the two sides of the strait, under the initiative of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, relevant parties, groups and non-party representatives from various democratic parties jointly initiated and established the China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association.   This association is a national, non-profit social organization with independent legal status formed by people from all walks of life who are in favor of China's unification.
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  • LEGIDATECH to Present at GET SHOW in Guangzhou on 8-11th May
    LEGIDATECH to Present at GET SHOW in Guangzhou on 8-11th May May 15, 2021
    As the most influential exhibition in led screen industry, 2021 Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show (short for GETshow) is back again. LEGIDATEC is presenting at GETshow from 8th to 11th May in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.   In GET SHOW, LEGIDATEC creates 3D effect with its two superior products: Smart Series LED Rental Screen (Smart-series) and Interactive LED Dance Floor Screen (DF-series).   As LEGIDATECH’s hot-sale product, Smart-series led rental screen makes LEGIDATEC standing out among other screen manufacturers and occupies a certain percentage in screen market. With new technology and user-friendly design, Smart-series creates an easier and more convenience for media companies, events planners, stage shows, etc. What’s more, DF-series is the first show in this exhibition. Interactive led dance floor is new but welcomed by the market, LEGIDATEC seizes the opportunity and bring its own interactive led dance floor. With special sensor system design, the interactive led dance floor can “feel” your steps and react immediately in different situations.   Can’t wait to see the effect? Want to know more about LEGIDATEC? Come and enjoy the wonderful visual show in 1A-7A with us together.
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    Media and advertising are one of the fastest growing industries, and outdoor  led advertising business has also responded quickly in the market. P4mm to P10mm outdoor led billboard screen are widely used in the past few years. To do some changes in the advertising industry, a famous local media company in South Africa chooses LEGIDATEC’s most energy saving P10mm outdoor led billboard screen in a project, which is the first LEGIDATEC energy saving led advertising display in South Africa. This project already finished now and it has come into service.  P10 PRO energy saving led billboard screen: 7.68x2.88m, about 22.12 square meter. Installation of P10 PRO led billboard screen   Electricity cost is a big headache for most advertising agents. But how B10 PRO can achieve energy saving ? Technician Paul offers the best answer:    “ The B10 PRO led outdoor billboard screen is independently designed and developed by our company according to market demand and trends. We use DIP technology and 4 layer PCB Board ( EU and USA Standard) in this outdoor billboard screen. In addition, we choose an energy saving power supply unit. Most common outdoor led billboard screen uses 4.6v to 5v power supply unit, while P10 PRO led billboard screen chooses 4.2v, which can not only stabilize the power supply and make the display work normally, but also save electricity ,reducing the carbon emission in a friendly way.”   “We also do some changes on the design to reduce the cost in other ways.”Paul said “In P10 PRO led billboard screen,we use ultra narrow one-side door to save maintenance space. And the whole cabinet is only 9.5cm and 35kg, 40% thinner and 30% lighter, saving 40% of the cost in shipping, installation and steel structure.”   LEGIDATEC specialized in led screen industry for over more than 10 years and provided worldwide solutions in led rental screen,  led indoor fixed screen, led outdoor screen, led billboard screen, led advertising screen and some other areas.    Will you choose P10 PRO led billboard screen outdoor energy saving screen in your advertising screen?     
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